Closing the Sale by Building Relationships Workshop

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend the awesome workshop yesterday!  It was truly informative.  The skills that Mr. Steve Grant shared are invaluable. I look forward to your other workshop in October."  IW Peoria, IL.

Peoria SCORE Clients

“SCORE was great.  When we first came, we really didn’t know what to expect.  They were fantastic – open to ideas, open to innovation, really gave us some confidence to go forward with our idea.  We are not business people, we are really in the social service arena.” HEG, Peoria, IL.

“The SCORE mentors provide experience and perspective on these decisions. These folks are fantastic.” TF, East Peoria, IL.

“SCORE Peoria was very helpful. Without their help, I believe my business would have not been able to grow to what it has become today". JR Peoria, IL.

“My SCORE mentors were wonderful!  They encouraged me and believed in me. Working with SCORE was an amazing experience!”  RA, Eureka, IL.

“We are very pleased with the help we received from SCORE Peoria. Their work with us set us on the right path with solid principles that have guided our growth and success. We have received tremendous support and business expertise from SCORE.”  SK, Peoria, IL.

“I am very grateful to SCORE Peoria and the mentors who helped me. I felt overwhelmed and alone as I was struggling to do this by myself. When SCORE Peoria got involved, I felt that someone ‘had my back.’ The final outcome was better than I could have dreamed when I was trying to do this by myself. Thank you, SCORE.” SH, Peoria, IL.

“SCORE Peoria really helped us with this challenge. Using SCORE’s tools, and with the help of two SCORE mentors, we were able to develop a marketing plan for raising the money for the new building." CS, Washington, IL.

“SCORE Peoria is the #1 place to start if you are thinking about starting a business. The mentors helped me evolve my concept into a business plan and then into a successful business. They gave me the confidence and the knowledge to start the business and be successful.”  JY, Morton, IL.