The first step to starting a successful business is to develop a written business plan.

The written business plan is the “road map” for your business. Just like a road map, the business plan shows the destination (the goals) and route that you are taking to reach the destination.

The following templates have been used successfully by other SCORE Clients to start their business.

Please start with a written description of the business using either Template #1 or #3 below.

If a bank loan will be required, then the bank will be expecting both a complete written description and a complete 3-year financial projection using Templates #1 and #2 below.

If a bank loan is not required, a written business plan is still needed for the business owner to be confident about the success of their business. The simplest possible business plan is to use Templates #3, #4 and #5 below.

  1. Template: Business Plan for a Start-up Business (31 page template for a written description of the business) (Word)
  2. Template: Financial Projections (3 year complete financial document for 4 separate products) (Excel)
  3. Template: Simple Written Plan for a Start-up Business (PDF)
  4. Template: Startup Expenses (simple one-page summary)(Excel)
  5. Template: 12-Month Cash Flow (simple one-page summary)(Excel)

Browse the Library for additional business planning resources.

Business Plan Resources