Starting A Business In Illinois Workshops August 25, 2016

The Illinois Small Business Development Center at Bradley University is offering these free informal workshops.  They are intended only for those who are NOT yet in business. All workshops are held from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.
Already in business? Call the telephone number below to schedule a meeting with our Small Business Development Center Director, Kevin Evans.
These free informal workshops are offered by Bradley University's Small Business Development Center and are open to the public.

Topics covered will include the following:

  • How to get the business name registered.
  • Where to get a tax ID number.
  • Licenses & permits.
  • What legal form to choose (proprietorship, partnership, corporation).
  • Sales taxes.
  • Estimated quarterly income tax.
  • Employee taxes.
  • Financing your business.
  • Preparing a business plan.
  • Federal, State, City and County Requirements.
  • Legal Structure.

Starting a Business In Illinois Workshops are held in Peoria at the PeoriaNext Innovation Center, (first floor), 801 W. Main St., Peoria, IL, at the Minority Business Development Center, 2139 SW Adams St. Peoria, IL or in East Peoria at the Fondulac Bank, (second floor), 201 Clock Tower Drive, East Peoria. 

All workshops are free, but registration is required.

To register, call 309-677-2992 or register online by clicking here.


2018 Workshop Schedule

- September -
Tuesday, September 11 - PeoriaNext Innovation Center (3-5 p.m.)

Tuesday, September 25 - Fondulac Bank (3-5 -p.m.)

- October -
Wednesday - October 10 - PeoriaNext Innovation Center (3-5 p.m.)

Wednesday - October 24 - Fondulac Bank (3-5 -p.m.)

- November -
Wednesday, November 14  - PeoriaNext Innovation Center (3-5 p.m.)

Tuesday, November 27 - Fondulac Bank (3-5 -p.m.)

- December -
Tuesday, December 11 - PeoriaNext Innovation Center (3-5 p.m.)







Starting A Business In Illinois Workshops