Writing a Business Plan for Yourself

Robin Albright, CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach), is an executive and life coach and a professional public speaker. She founded her company, Zinger Zanger Inc., in 2008 after several meetings with SCORE Peoria to develop her business plan.

During the early years of her business, she worked with three different mentors from SCORE Peoria, each with different skills and expertise. Robin said, “My SCORE mentors were wonderful!  They encouraged me and believed in me. Working with SCORE was an amazing experience!”

The core of the services that SCORE Peoria offers is the business plan. The standard SCORE template for a business plan is a 28-page Word document. The business plan has two purposes: the first purpose is to help the business entrepreneur think carefully about the business and have confidence that their time and resources are being invested wisely; the second purpose is to secure a bank loan. Robin did not need a loan, but she did need to think carefully about her business to ensure success.

Zinger Zanger Inc. today, in 2013, is a successful business, primarily focusing on coaching individuals within corporate environments. Robin said, “I love what I do. Thank you, SCORE Peoria!”

Zinger Zanger Inc. is an innovative coaching and consulting company that helps individuals and organizations align personal goals with institutional goals to create a positive and harmonious work environment. For more information, contact Robin at robin@zingerzanger.com or 309.261.0934.

How SCORE Helped: 

Robin said, “I am a very visual person. The thought of completing 28 pages of words and numbers to think through my business was very unattractive, even repugnant. So I followed a different approach –to make a business plan that works for me. I created the entire business plan in the form of sketches on white paper. I addressed all the questions and issues raised by the SCORE business plan template, but did it in a visual, creative, graphical form. This really helped me think through the business and was the right approach for me.”

Zinger Zanger, Inc.