Every Business Needs a Mentor

Tammy Finch has been a successful small business owner for 15 years and still values coaching sessions with SCORE mentors. She started her business in 1998, opened a computer store in 2006, split the business into two in 2012 and both are still growing. She first encountered SCORE in 2005 and says she wishes she had known about them earlier.

“Every small business owner must make decisions they have not previously faced,” said Tammy. “The SCORE mentors provide experience and perspective on these decisions. These folks are fantastic.”

Every small business can benefit from a mentor – not just at start up, but also throughout the life of the business when new decisions are needed. For example, the original business plan might need updating to adjust to new market realities, or perhaps there is an opportunity to buy a building, or perhaps a new competitor has emerged. For Tammy, one example was the time she was considering the purchase of the building in which her computer store was located. Since she had no experience in buying and operating a building, she talked through the issue with SCORE mentors, who provided experienced perspective and helped her decide not to buy – and she is thankful every day that she does not own a building.

“Owning a business on your own means making decisions alone,” said Tammy. “It is very difficult when you are not sure you are making the correct choices. SCORE mentors can help you sort out the issues and decide what is best. To me, it is very valuable to have an experienced business person to help kick around ideas.”

Web Services Inc. offers business web design and comprehensive Internet marketing with a commitment to service and follow-up.

Contact Tammy at 309-699-2849 or info@WebServicesInc.net.

The original business that Tammy started in 1998, now owned by her husband Chris, is Web Tech Services Inc. https://www.facebook.com/wtsinc, which is a full-service computer repair company that also supports home computer users with a complete range of computer services. For more information, contact (309) 699-9327 or WTS@webtechservices.com.

How SCORE helped. 

“I would encourage anyone to try some counseling from SCORE mentors. No one knows everything and, if you can receive free, valuable advice for your business, go for it! SCORE’s services are for any small business owner, no matter how long you’ve been in business,” concluded Tammy.

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