The Kern Group was founded by brothers R. Scott Kern and Gregory Kern in 2003 and today, 10 years later, is a thriving, locally-owned electronic security business with a professional Illinois license implementing projects with both national and international scope. The business is focused on physical security, including intrusion and fire alarms, access control and surveillance, and offers installation, maintenance and professional support services.

In 2003-2006, five SCORE mentors with different areas of expertise worked with The Kern Group at different times to address specific issues. As a result of these mentoring sessions, three major foundational principles emerged that have guided The Kern Group as they continue to grow and expand their business.

The first principle is to keep overhead costs low – in other words, as much as possible, keep costs variable, not fixed, so the costs drop if the income drops. Therefore, The Kern Group utilizes both an external network of trained technicians as well as their own internal ones as they implement projects across the country and beyond.

The second principle is to seek underserved markets as growth opportunities. As technology has evolved, The Kern Group identified areas where little competition existed, acquired the skills and licenses needed to effectively operate in that space and pursued the business opportunities.

The third principle is perseverance. Greg Kern, CHS, President of The Kern Group, said, “One of the basic principles we learned from our SCORE mentors is perseverance. This has repeatedly been the key that enables us to enter new markets and meet unmet needs.”

The Kern Group now offers Residential Security, Commercial & Industrial Security, Mobile Surveillance and GPS Fleet Management. For more information, contact Scott or Greg Kern at 309.690.3300.


How SCORE helped. 

R. Scott Kern, CET, CHS, Managing Partner, said, “We are very pleased with the help we received from SCORE Peoria. Their work with us in 2003-2006 set us on the right path with solid principles that have guided our growth and success. We have received tremendous support and business expertise from SCORE.”

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